Bike Transport Service

Truck Rental Service is a well-known bike transport service provider in India, providing a wide range of services including commercial shifting, industrial goods shifting, packing and moving, home shifting, storage facilities, and comprehensive parcel and logistics solutions in every city of the country

Regarding bike transportation services, safety is a top concern for customers. Truck rental service excels in transporting your goods and vehicles with utmost care and discretion. We have specialized bike transport trucks and an efficient team that ensures safe and professional handling of your two-wheeler. Our tailored bike transport packages are designed to meet your needs effectively, making us the preferred choice for bike transport in India.

Bike Transport Service

We have a long list of satisfied customers who trust our bike transport service. Our expertise in providing safe and well-maintained bike transportation sets us apart from many renowned bike-shifting companies in India. To find out the charges for our bike transportation services, please call us at 9883680002 or fill out our free quotation form with your requirements.

Contact Our Best Bike Transport Service

We provide the best bike transportation service in India in a few easy steps. You can easily find us on popular online platforms like Google Search and Just Dial. To connect with us quickly, just search “contact number for truck rental service” on Google or Yahoo. For any inquiries regarding your transfer requirements, contact our dedicated customer support team at +91 9883680002. Alternatively, you can email your requirements to, and we will immediately address your concerns.

Head Office Address

46, Madhusudhan Mukherjee Road, Khardaha, Sodepur Kolkata-700116

MK Swami – 9883680002, 9674908002

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Reliable Bike Shifting Service in India

Reliable Bike Shifting Service

Are you tired of endlessly searching for “reliable bike shifting service near me”? Your search for reliable bike shifting services in India ends here.

At Truck Rental Service, in collaboration with our trusted partners, we provide comprehensive bike-shifting solutions across India.

By choosing our top bike transportation service, you unlock numerous benefits, including doorstep pickup and drop services, insurance coverage, bike tracking facilities, and interim storage options.

You can select from various payment and transit methods, including road or rail transport for your two-wheeler.

Our affiliated bike parcel services in India feature top-notch teams managing every aspect of transportation, from packing and loading to unloading and storage.

To find the best bike shifting in India, simply fill out our form with your requirements. Within minutes, you will receive three references and quotes from relevant companies, allowing you to compare profiles and prices to choose the best option.

For any queries regarding bike courier services in India, contact our customer support team. They are ready to assist you promptly.

Understanding the Bike Transport Process

Booking Service

  • Contact the transport company to schedule your bike pickup.
  • Provide details such as the pickup location, delivery address, and preferred pickup date.

Bike Pickup

  • On the scheduled date, the transport team will arrive to collect your bike.
  • Ensure the bike is accessible and ready for loading.

Bike Transportation

  • The bike will be securely loaded onto a transport vehicle.
  • It will be monitored for safety and security throughout the journey.

Bike Delivery

  • Upon arrival at the destination, the team will unload and deliver your bike to the specified address.
  • Inspect the bike for any damage and complete any necessary paperwork.

Why Choose Our Bike Transportation Service?

Our bike transportation service is a top choice among bike carriers, recognized as an industry leader. Operating under the reputable brand of Bike Transport Service, we offer nationwide services from one city to another. We prioritize excellence and efficiency in transporting your valuable vehicles.

Safety is our highest priority. We meticulously secure your bike without exerting excessive pressure to prevent dents. We also lock the tires of both cars and bikes to eliminate any internal movement during transit. Our commitment to safety is further enhanced by a GPS navigation system, providing real-time tracking of our carriers’ status and location.

Safety Measures for Bike Transportation

Bubble Wrapping

Our team carefully wraps the side mirrors and headlights of your bike with bubble wrap to ensure their protection during packing.

Foam Packing

We secure your bike’s oil tank with foam sheets to provide extra cushioning during transportation.

Corrugated Sheet Packing

To prevent scratches, our team covers your bike with a corrugated sheet.

Customer Testimonials of Our Services

Professional Service

“I was impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the truck rental service’s Bike Transport Service. They handled my bike with the utmost care and delivered it to my doorstep on time.” – Rahul S (IBM).

Stress-free Service

“Thanks to the excellent management of Truck Rental Service for the best bike transport service, they transported my bike without any hassle. Their team made the entire process seamless and stress-free.” – Priya M (Wipro).

Bike Transport Service Charges In India

Bike Transport Service Charges depend on several factors such as distance between the two addresses, bike model, type, engine cc, and the quality of services received with the chosen mode of bike transport. Average bike shifting charges in India range from ₹3,000 to ₹12,000.

Distance/Move Type


Bike + Household Items

Upto 450Km

₹2,000 – 3,200

₹14,900 – 26,000

450km – 899km

₹3,000 – 4,500

₹18,600 – 45,000

900km – 1499km

₹3,900 – 8,000

₹22,200 – 50,600

1500km – 2200km

₹6,000 – 11,000

₹26,000 – 59,500

State to State Bike Transportation Service Cost

City/Bike Type


Sports Bike

Kolkata To Bangalore

₹5,000 – 6,200

₹4,900 – 9,000

 Bangalore To Mumbai

₹5,000 – 7,500

₹6,600 – 9,000

Mumbai To Kolkata

₹5,900 – 7,000

₹6,200 – 8,600

 Delhi To Pune

₹6,000 – 7,000

₹6,000 – 9,500

FAQs - Bike Shifting Service
What is the cost of availing bike transportation from Delhi to Maharashtra?

Bike transportation from Delhi to Maharashtra costs around ₹4,000 to ₹9,000. The reason for this variation is that the exact cost of bike shifting from Delhi to Maharashtra depends on various factors such as the mode of transportation, make and type of bike, quality of service taken, etc.

How much will bike transport from Gurgaon to Karnataka cost me?

Taking your bike from Gurgaon to Karnataka will cost you around ₹6,000 to ₹9,000. The exact cost depends on many factors such as the mode of transportation (particular carrier or train), type and make of the bike, overall quality of service received, insurance charges, exact location of delivery, etc.

What is the cost of bike transportation from Bhiwadi to Hyderabad?

The cost of bike transportation from Bhiwadi to Hyderabad ranges between ₹4,000 to ₹9,500. There is huge variation because the cost depends on factors such as the type and make of the bike, overall quality of service received, insurance charges, exact location of delivery, mode of bike transportation, etc.

How much will bike transportation from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu cost me?

It will cost you around ₹4,000 – ₹7,000 for your bike transport from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu. The variation in cost is due to the influence of various factors such as the mode of delivery of the bike (particular carrier or train), type and make of the bike, overall quality of service received, insurance charges, exact location of delivery, etcetera.

What is the cost of bike transportation from Tamil Nadu to Bengaluru?

Bike transportation from Tamil Nadu to Bengaluru costs ₹5,000 – ₹6,000. The exact cost of the move varies depending on variables such as the type and make of the bike, overall quality of service received, insurance charges, exact location of delivery, method of bike shifting, etc.

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Summary of Bike Transport Service

Finding the best bike transportation services can prove challenging. Despite endless searches for “bike shifting services near me” on Google, the search often goes nowhere. The most straightforward way to find bike transportation services in India is through a truck rental service.

Truck Rental Service collaborates with some of the leading bike moving companies in India, ensuring reliable, cost-effective, and efficient bike shifting solutions.

Our partner experts provide comprehensive bike transportation services in India, including packing, loading, transit, storage, warehousing, unloading, and unpacking.

By choosing our affiliated bike transportation services, you get access to many additional benefits including door-to-door pickup and drop services, insurance coverage, vehicle tracking, interim storage, and storage facilities.

Additionally, you have the convenience of choosing from multiple payment methods and transportation modes, be it bike transportation by train or bike transportation by road in India.

To connect with the best bike transport service in India, simply fill out our application form with your specifications. Our bike shifting team will instantly respond with quotes that match your bike shifting budget, allowing you to compare bike transportation prices and make an informed decision.

If you have any queries regarding bike parcel services, our customer support team is available round the clock to assist you. Feel free to reach out to them at any time.

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